Our Story

The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) is built on the land of the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation. Our presence is a tribute to the custodianship of the Traditional Owners and Elders since time immemorial and the resilience of the Indigenous Redfern community.

Born out of an idea in 2006 for a National Indigenous Development Centre, the Indigenous Land Corporation, with the support of the local community, purchased the land where the Redfern Public School had operated for over a hundred years.

The NCIE was officially incorporated as the National Indigenous Development Centre in 2008, and in 2009, became the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence as the inaugural Chief Executive Officer, Jason Glanville, was brought on board to lead the Centre’s development.

Through our social enterprises the NCIE builds capabilities and creates opportunities by delivering life-changing programs and promoting progressive thought leadership through its enterprises and facilities.

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Our Values

The NCIE’s values are:

Excellence: To the NCIE, excellence means striving to do and be your best. People have the capacity for excellence if they believe they do, and the community believes they do. The NCIE believes all young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have the capacity for excellence.

Integrity: To the NCIE, integrity means moral strength, genuine respect and a holistic perspective. It means upholding honesty and the highest ethical standards in every situation. It means stepping back and considering the whole person and the whole community.

Inclusiveness: To the NCIE, inclusiveness means being open, valuing diversity and embracing all parts of the community. We believe we must work together to build an excellent nation with unlimited opportunities for all our young people.

Growth: To the NCIE, growth means to become greater and to be resilient, adapt and thrive. It means to liberate the possibilities within everyone and every community.

Our Impact

We have impacted over 20,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and created over $30 million in social value*. 

Since opening in 2010, we have had over 20,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people participate in life-changing programs, community forums and local events at our Centre in Redfern. Through our partners, we have impacted thousands more young Indigenous people around Australia, supporting our collaborators to build capabilities and liberate possibilities.

We have already created over $30 million in social value and our ability to make impact grows every day. Every dollar donated to or invested in the NCIE creates almost $5 worth of social value. 

We reach millions of Australians monthly through traditional and social media and provide a much needed excellence framework for engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. 

The NCIE has not only had a significant impact on the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, it has reframed possibility and positively influenced the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

‘The NCIE gives heaps of kids the confidence to go out, outside of Redfern, and do whatever they want to do with their lives. These kids are doing things you never thought would be possible ... But they're doing it, and it’s the Centre.’ - Harry Murphy, NASCA Indigenous Intern and NCIE Indigenous Youth Engagement Council

*Figures based on KPMG Social Impact Report 2013

Our Pathways

We lead, collaborate on and facilitate the design, development and delivery of life-changing programs and breakthrough learning experiences in the pathways of:

Arts and Culture: we inspire and activate creativity and identification with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through our novel and participatory arts programs that encompass visual, literary and performing arts.

Health and Wellness: we take a fresh approach to informing and motivating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians to increase their wellbeing by developing their knowledge and skills to make positive choices for healthy lifestyles.

Learning and Innovation: we complement and enhance the effectiveness of traditional education programs through our approach to learning that emphasises skills for life and work and that promotes creativity, enterprise and innovation while leveraging the latest technologies.

Sport and Recreation: we cultivate talent, develop physical intelligence and put sport and recreation into a wider context through our various individual and team activities, training and development programs.

NCIE enterprises include Conference & Campus, Fitness & Aquatics and Koori Job Ready.

NCIE led programs include our Indigenous Fitness Membership Support Program, Learn to Swim Program, Afterschool Program the Talking About Tobacco Use Program, and the Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX) Initiative (a partnership between the NCIE and Telstra Foundation).

'Working with the NCIE and being one of the foundation tenants has been one of the most significant steps in AIME’s growth of the program as we have risen from the streets of Redfern with 25 kids to now be working with over 1000 Indigenous high school kids across the East Coast of Australia.We couldn’t have hoped to have found a more perfect home. To be based at a world class location, which oozes positivity and has the headlines of ‘Indigenous’ and ‘Excellence’ in the title, meant that we entered a location and a base that wouldn’t settle for low expectations for Indigenous people in this country, but drove us all forward to achievement, positivity and a future of hope.' - Jack Manning Bancroft, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, 2012

Our Jobs


Health and Fitness Team Member

We're after an experienced Health and Fitness team member to work casual shifts (up to 15 hours per week) at NCIE Fitness.