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NCIE Fitness Centre, located at 180 George St, Redfern is a one-stop shop for all your fitness needs including; indoor/outdoor training areas, a group fitness room, undercover heated pool, sports stadium, and outdoor sports field. 

By becoming a member you are playing an important part in contributing to the employment, health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

All are welcome, become a member today contact us (02) 9046 7802 or email or

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New look NCIE Fitness: FInal Touches

Since Wednesday 11 April, spaces in the NCIE gym have been repurposed and transformed. 

While the new rooms are open and being used, and our timetables and opening hours have continued uninterrupted during the upgrade period, there are still final touches and finishes continuing over the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience as the work continues.

LATEST NEWS 15 May 2018

While the main Strength & Cardio Zone is now humming along, work continues on finalising the new Group Fitness Zone and Cooldown and Stretch Zone (upstairs), and the Multipurpose Zone (downstairs).  

A new wall will separate the Group Fitness Zone from the Cooldown and Stretch Zone this week. Upcoming work also includes:

Cooldown and Stretch Zone
• Resistance training machines will stay in the space
• Mats and & open space for stretching and warm ups
• Window treatments

Group Fitness Zone
• Wall sized projection screen for Virtual Group Fitness Classes
• An instructor stage
• Window and sound treatments
• New yoga/pilates mats and Body Pump weights


• Keep an eye out for temporary locations of Group Fitness Classes on noticeboards, our website or on social media
• Collect your new member tag from Reception and bring it with you at every visit
• Continue to enjoy NCIE’s facilities & classes

Contact NCIE Fitness with any questions or concerns: 02 9046 7802 or and stay tuned for more updates on the new look NCIE Fitness.