Clouded History online on SBS on Demand


Join Queensland Musician, Marcus Corowa as he takes us on a journey through the history, the significance and consequences of tobacco use on Indigenous Australia and just some of the community driven initiatives tackling it.  Watch it on NITV/SBS on demand.

Tobacco use is the most preventable cause of ill health and early death among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.  Clouded History is part of the NCIE's Talkin' About Tobacco Use (TATU) program funded by the Department of Health and Aging through their Tackling Indigenous Smoking and Chronic Diseases program.   It puts the power back in the hands of the community, by providing information and tools to talk about tobacco use with family, friends or colleagues.  

Starting with the history of tobacco in Indigenous communities in Arnhem Land and down the East Coast of Australia, we see how tobacco has been introduced from multiple sources and how it has affected life, family and community all over Australia today. Marcus explores his personal and intimate family story, asking the question  “how did this happen to my people, and what can we do about it?”

Clouded History invites the viewer to examine his or her own relationship with tobacco.   

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