30 – 60 – 90: Are you in?


30 – 60 – 90 : ARE YOU IN?

Ramp up your fitness this winter with 30-60-90. It’s easy - just come to the gym and win!

Stage 1: 30-Day Challenge: Six visits in May Every time you come to the gym, record your visit on our 30-60-90 tally chart. After just six visits you automatically enter the May prize draw for a one-hour remedial massage AND advance to stage two!

Stage 2: 60-Day Challenge Once you've done six May visits, mark off your eight visits in June on the tally chart and go into the June prize draw, PT Starter Pack. Then you're headed for final stage.

Final Stage: 90-Day Challenge The home straight! Come to the gym 10 times in July and you win “I did the 30 -60 -90 Day Challenge at the NCIE” specially designed T-shirt and go into the draw for the final prize - an NCIE all weather jacket.

Terms and Conditions You must complete the 30-Day challenge to be eligible for the 60-Day challenge.  You must complete the 30 and 60 Day challenge to be eligible for the 90-Day Challenge.Current NCIE Fitness members only.