Thundamentals deliver love - and money - to the NCIE.

Hip Hop legends Thundamentals delivered $18, 299.64 in the form of a giant cheque as a donation to NCIE’s After School program.

Handed over on the eve of National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day, the band raised the money as a part of their Got Love initiative which donates to local community organisations.

MC Jeswon said the band members are big fans of the NCIE’s work.

“NCIE is doing the kind of community work that we believe in and that we want to advocate for, want to put our money where our mouth is and support the people on the front line who are doing the great work," he said.

“It’s pretty simple really, we make music, we do concerts and people buy a special t-shirt that we designed and all the money from that t-shirt comes here to the children’s program.

"We’re lucky cos our fan base are open minded, generous and kindhearted people  and they share our ideas and morals so it’s how they can get involved and behind what we were trying to do with NCIE."

The Thundas raised the money during their Never Say Never Tour as well as proceeds from the sale of their song, Ignorance is Bliss.

MC Jewson, MC Tuka, NCIE Chair Alison Page, DJ Poncho and DJ Morgs with the children from the NCIE's After-School Program.

NCIE Chair, Alison Page who, along with about 25 of the NCIE’s After School Program mob, accepted the giant cheque on behalf of the Centre asked the question which was on everyone’s lips, why cant more bands spread their love around community organisations like this? 

“You say it’s a simple thing for you (Thundamentals) to set up and run but initiatives like this really make a difference to our programs and the children, why don't more performers do it?"

“They really should, it’s easy. Choosing the organisation to donate to is the hard thing," said MC Tuka.

“Cos, you know, you don’t want to write a song about white privilege and then give the money straight back white people running an organisation.”

The NCIE's After School Program provides education excellence, cultural support and social guidance to our children, families and communities. The After School Program works to create social change by empowering our children to celebrate identity and develop skills."

You can donate to the NCIE anytime here. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.