Fighting Fit Four: the Final Round

The final round of the NCIE’s famous four-week Fighting Fit challenge kicks off Monday 16 October. It’s your last chance for 2017 to get your boxing cardio and strength on with the NCIE Fighting Fit team – lead by Trainer, Hamilton Hughes.

Every Fighting Fit program includes:
• An introduction to boxing fundamentals (including stances, combos & pad work)
• Comprehensive high intensity circuits and Tabata style training
• A wide range of weighted and unweight strength building exercises
• Full body cardio, strength & conditioning workouts



Monday 16 October – Friday 10 November

Three sessions a week: Monday | Wednesday | Friday

Cost: $99 for NCIE Members and $120 for everyone else.

Head in to our Fitness Centre located at 180 George St, Redfern to sign up - or email or call 02 9046 7802 to sign up!

Not a member of NCIE Fitness? Check out our October no joining fee offer