Dan Sultan answers 21 questions for the NCIE

Prepare to be rock and souled!  Dan Sultan is coming your way with a new show, a brand new band, and new songs from his new ARIA top ten album Blackbird.  

Ask a question to Dan on our Facebook page and the best 10 get a free ticket to Dan's show*. Do it now and win!

*except Melbourne, Margaret River and Cairns as they are sold out.

Check out Dan's 21 answers on his inspirations, favourite places and what Indigenous excellence means to him. 

1. My name is: Dan Sultan

2. I’m from: Melbourne

3. I am a: musician

4. To chillout I: relax at home

5. I’m reading: Jimi Hendrix: Electric Gypsy

6. I’m drinking: mineral water

7. I’m eating: Yong's Green Food on Brunswick St

8. The thing I do best is: avoid Q&As

9. When I’m in a bad mood I: listen to Marquee Moon by Television

10. When I’m in a gallery I’m: most likely drawn to Impressionism

11. The piece of technology that has most shaped my life is: the electric guitar

12. I find inspiration in: electric guitar!

13. The last app I downloaded was: Flight Tracker

14. The last website I visited was: youtube.com

15. My favourite film is: La Bamba

16. My favourite play is: Namatjira by Trevor Jamieson

17. My favourite place is: Melbourne or New York

18. You can find me: in the cooking section of a bookshop

19. The first thing I read in the morning is: emails

20. I wish I was not: on email

21. For me, Indigenous Excellence means: simply excellence