For the past three years, NCIE Fitness has been a place where nurse Sarah Portwinehas smashed her health goals in a fun and supportive environment.

Sarah has been a gym member since 2018 and loves the community atmosphere and friendly people she’s met at NCIE Fitness.

“The biggest reason I tell people to come to NCIE Fitness is that it doesn’t feel like a gym, it feels more like a community and a family,” she said.

I really like that, everyone’s encouraging and supportive.”

At the beginning of 2021, Sarah decided to work with one of our NCIE Fitness Personal Trainers, Melissa Williams.

Melissa encouraged her to try the ‘Too Fit to Quit’ 8 Week Challenge and while at first scepticalSarah signed up and loved everything that it had to offer.

“I’d never done an 8 Week Challenge before, and now I come to the gym nearly every day,” Sarah said.  

“If you’re like me and you have a few fears around going to the gym, but you’re competitive, the Challenge is brilliant.”

NCIE Fitness Personal Trainer with member Sarah Portwine

Sarah said working out with the other Challenge members was comforting, because they supported one another throughout the weekly workouts.

“During one of the last cardio laps in the Challenge I was struggling and thought I would tap out, but one of the guys came back – even though he had finished – and ran it with me and supported me,” Sarah explained.

“It was the push I need to get it done and then at the end when I was resting one of the other girls was struggling, so then I went and ran with her.

That in a nutshell is purely what NCIE is about, it’s not about being the best or the fittest, it’s about helping each other out, feeling a part of a community.”

Personal Trainer Melissa, encouraged Sarah to try to the NCIE Fitness Challenge

Since finishing the ‘Too Fit to Quit’ 8 Week ChallengeSarah has upped her visits to the gym and is now taking her workouts to a whole new level thanks to the Myzone belt, sold here at NCIE Fitness.

The Myzone belts give you proof that when you walk out of the gym exhausted it’s because you’ve put in 110%,” she said.

Keen to try a NCIE Fitness Challenge? Join the ‘Stronger You’ 7-week Challenge, starting Monday 10 May. Find out here.

Learn more about becoming an NCIE Fitness member: click here, call 02 9046 7802 or come and visit us at 180 George St Redfern.