Corporate Fitness Membership

NCIE Fitness can tailor Fitness Packages to best meet your staff and organisation’s needs, with a range of special offers and payment options available.

NCIE Fitness is part of the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) which creates life-changing opportunities for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people through its services. Your NCIE Fitness membership is a direct investment in the employment health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

NCIE is a Supply Nation-registered Indigenous social enterprise.

Fitness Working For You

By assisting your staff to access the facilities and programs of NCIE Fitness you are playing a direct part in their health and wellbeing, assisting them to better maintain a positive work/life balance

Corporate Fitness PACKAGES

NCIE Fitness can create custom membership packages to fit the needs of your staff and your organisation.

The Corporate Fitness Membership rate at NCIE Fitness is $21.00 per/week with a one-off start up fee of $60.00. 

To eligible the organisation MUST have a minimum of 10 staff, who will be signing up. 

All memberships include:

  • Access to all areas during opening hours, including all indoor training areas, outdoor training areas, the stadium and 25m undercover heated pool.

  • One free initial personal fitness consultation.

  • Free entry to over 60 group fitness classes per week

  • Becoming a part of the NCIE Fitness Community. 

  • Sports Doctor on site every Wednesday afternoon from 12pm. 
Please contact us directly to discuss the membership and payment options that will be suit your workplace including how we can complement any existing staff fitness or wellness programs.

Contact Us

To get started on your organisation’s fitness journey, contact us directly for a free consultation and quote.

Eden Mashman-Woods
NCIE Health and Fitness Coordinator 

(02) 9046 7800