Pic: Personal Trainers Danny & Eden using their Myzone belts and app to track their workout. 

We’re very excited to be bringing Myzone to NCIE Fitness!

What is it?

Myzone will take your workouts to the next level. Myzone belts are used to track your heart rate, effort, and performance in a fun, social, and easy-to-use way.

It’s more than just a heart rate tracking system, it’s a new way of working out.

Connect with family, friends, and trainers on the Myzone app to share workouts, compete in challenges, and stay motivated.

Whatever your age or fitness ability, watch your status rankings improve as you have fun focusing on your health and wellbeing.

Danny showing Eden his Myzone stats on the Myzone app.

Myzone activated classes

NCIE Fitness will be offering another level of motivation and challenges to the Group Fitness Classes with our new Myzone activated classes.

Wear your belt in a Myzone class and see your performance live on display or on your phone. Gain points, reach performance zones, and compete with other members.

Learn more about how Myzone works here

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor Eden Mashman-Woods is looking forward to what Myzone will bring to NCIE Fitness Members.

“I’m loving the Myzone belt, it’s made me think about my training and it keeps me motivated. I’m really looking forward to showing members what Myzone is all about, especially all the challenges and fun competitions.”

Danny & Eden wearing their Myzone belts during a workout.

Myzone belts will be available to purchase from Monday 19 October at NCIE Fitness.

To celebrate Myzone coming to NCIE Fitness we have a special offer- the first 40 belts will be sold for $90 (normal RRP is $199.99).

Talk to the Fitness team about getting started with your Myzone belt at 180 George St, Redfern or give us a call on 02 9046 7802.