Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

The information we collect includes personal details such as your name, bank details, image, attendance and use of our facilities, stories of your experiences and your opinions.

How we collect our information?

Personal information may be collected through one on one interviews, surveys, evaluations, electronic security passes, emails and telephone conversations.  This information can be recorded in the form of written documents, video, images or audio recordings.

How do we use this information?

This information is collected to allow the NCIE to successfully carry out its business and measure the impacts of its activities and to further develop, promote and improve the delivery of NCIE programs.  It may be used to develop written evaluation reports  (in any media in hardcopy or new media).  The NCIE may share evaluation materials with third parties or with Commonwealth government departments as necessary to develop, improve or promote NCIE programs.  In all instances your information will be used anonymously unless we specifically request permission to use your name for publication.

How secure is the storage of my information?

The NCIE will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is kept in a secure environment and is protected from unauthorised access as required by Australian law.  NCIE software is encrypted, password protected and we limit access to your personal information.  All personal information is treated as confidential by staff and any third party contractor.

NB:  It is not possible to become a member, student or program participant without providing the requested personal information.

The NCIE is a subsidiary of the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILSC).  The ILSC’s Privacy Policy contains further information about how the ILSC will treat personal information, including when it may disclose information, as well as details of how you can access your personal information or how to complain about a privacy breach.  ILSC’s Privacy Policy is published on their website:

If you need further information please write to the Media Marketing & Communications Manager, National Centre of Indigenous Excellence. PO Box 3093, Redfern NSW 2016.

Recruitment Privacy Statement

In order to properly assess your application for a position with the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence Ltd (NCIE), NCIE needs to collect the personal information contained in your application documents.

NCIE may need to disclose the personal information to the Indigenous Land Corporation or one of its other wholly owned subsidiaries, other Government agencies or the Commonwealth Government but only if necessary to assess this application, for a related purpose, or if required by law.

Your application documents may contain the personal information of other people such as referees. You should tell someone if you put their personal information in this application and make sure they are aware of this privacy statement.  Even if a person is not made aware that their personal information has been included in this application, NCIE will still collect that personal information for the purpose of assessing your application.

NCIE’s Privacy Policy contains further information about how NCIE will treat personal information, including when it may disclose information with overseas recipients , as well as details of how you can access your personal information or how to complain about a privacy breach.

If you need further information about privacy and NCIE please write to PO Box 3093, REDFERN, NSW 2016.