OUR Vision

Job Ready is a sustainable Indigenous owned and operated program leading in the provision of training, employment pathways and mentoring services that foster future Indigenous leaders.

OUR Mission

To provide culturally respectful employment pathways building skill capacity in the Indigenous community based on excellence, compassion, honesty and a strong work ethic.

OUR Values

Work ethic

Our History

The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) assumed control of the Koori Job Ready (KJR) program on 1 October 2013.  It was previously operated by the NSW Government through the Australian Technology Park. 

The NCIE hopes to change the opportunity profile for future generations of Indigenous young people and this means providing real employment opportunities through training that is culturally appropriate and meets the needs of Indigenous students and employers.  The successful KJR is a best practise model that the NCIE will use to implement youth training around the country.

Since its inception in 2006, KJR has trained, mentored and helped more than 1,000 students find work.  Under the leadership of the NCIE the KJR program is expected to create a further 1,000 opportunities over the next three years.  It is important to note that KJR is a training program and not an employer.

What we do

  • The KJR program provides training in the construction and hospitality industries
  • Construction graduates receive Certificate II and hospitality graduates receive Cert III qualifications on successful completion of their 8 week course
  • KJR provides a minimum of six-months’ tailored mentoring as part of its ongoing commitment to its graduates
  • KJR endeavours to negotiate, broker and untilmately provide opportunities in the workplace for its graduates



In 2001, the NSW Government committed to addressing the needs of Indigenous social disadvantage and increase employment in the Redfern and Waterloo area.

In 2004, the NSW Government passed an act creating the Redfern Waterloo Authority which then established the Redfern Waterloo Plan, which was approved by the Government in 2006.  Part of this plan was the development of the Aboriginal Employment Program, which became KRJ in 2006.

It had long been the hope of the Redfern and Waterloo Aboriginal community that KJR would one day become independent of the government and become Indigenous controlled and operated.  Since 1 October 2013, the NCIE became responsible for running the construction and hospitality courses.



The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence's Job Ready program is a fully owned and operated Indigenous provider of accredited training and mentoring services and job broker that lead to career and employment opportunities for Indigenous jobseekers.

We focus on two industries that provide sustainable employment opportunities - hospitality and construction. Through theory, practical application and a mentoring system, our program offers graduates support throughout their training and future careers.  

For many of our community a job is a positive life-changing event.  Beyond finding the right job, our mentors graduates as they transition successfully from training to employment.

Our program commenced in 2006 and since then, we  have trained hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and created over a 1,000 employment opportunities.  We are proud of our robust training models and impressive employment record and hope to apply our best practice models into developing more training programs in other growth industries.

Every Indigenous person in meaningful employment is a step towards “closing the gap” and overcoming the entrenched disadvantage that has become so commonplace for many of our communities. Job Ready is an Indigenous success story.

Job Ready changes lives and is part of the changing face of Australia's Indigenous community and  helps to build a better nation for us all.


The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence's Job Ready program brokers jobs for its graduates, turns them into placements and is aimed at securing ongoing employment opportunities for its graduates.

Between 2010 and 2011, more than 65% of our graduates directly entered the workforce (83 participants) or higher education (21 participants) on completion of their training.

Brokering job opportunities
Job Ready has created a total of 1104 employment opportunities for Indigenous people in the construction and hospitality industry since its inception. This includes future opportunities for major upcoming projects at University of Technology Sydney, Barangaroo in Sydney and at Voyages Ayers Resort in the Northern Territory.

Securing placements
Job Ready has been successful in filling 90% of the employment opportunities we have brokered in the construction industry.  In fact, over 300 people have been placed in initial job opportunities.



Our Location



Entry to Yaama Dhiyaan Hospitality Training centre is via street level at:

255 Wilson Street
Darlington NSW 2008

Entry to the Les Tobler Construction Centre is one level down at the above address.  

A part of the Carriageworks precinct.





Having always wanted to work in the tourism and hospitality industries, Conway Oliver had the drive and some experience, but lacked the qualifications to a get ahead.

Lawrence Kelly arrived in Sydney with just $20 in his wallet and just one   bag of clothes. But after completing the Koori Job Ready course as part of the Aboriginal Employment Program, Lawrence is finding success by working in construction for Lend Lease.

Redfern’s Aboriginal training and job placement program, Koori Job Ready (KJR), has been nominated as a finalist for the 2013 Deadly Award in Employment.

Redfern’s Aboriginal training and job placement program, Koori Job Ready (KJR), has won their first Deadly Award in employment for their work towards creating career opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Redfern’s Aboriginal employment program, Koori Job Ready (KJR) has moved to a new home at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE).