If you don’t treat yourself you will end up cheating yourself! Enjoy the festive season, but keep in mind portion size is the key maintaining your weight over the festive season.
Eric Lesa, NCIE Fitness Manager

Don’t forget the hard work you’ve done all year. Stay strong and avoid over indulging by snacking throughout the day and keep hydrated. 
Richie Alaalatoa, Health & Fitness Team Leader

It’s important to balance the extra eating with some extra exercise. Christmas is a great time to get outdoors, go for a walk along the beach, ride to the park with the kids or leave the car at home and walk to the shops. That way, you can enjoy yourself without feeling guilty.
Alan Gregory, Health & Fitness Coordinator

Summer for many is time spent by the beach or local pool. Not only is swimming great fun, it’s an excellent way to keep fit and stay cool on a balmy summer’s day but remember to ensure you and your family do swim safely by observing weather and surf conditions and following lifeguard instructions.  
Tim Murray, Aquatics Program Coordinator.

This year we ran a community cricket comp; a great way to get fit and have a laugh with friends. A backyard cricket game is the perfect way to work off the extra food over Christmas and a great activity for the entire family.
Sean Appoo, LIFE team Coordinator

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You can view our opening hours over the festive season HERE.