In October, Blak Impact presented at the International SOCAP conference alongside other First Nations change makers.

The group is seeking to shift the way in which impact measurement and evaluation is undertaken in our Communities.

A highlight of the conference was the panel conversation, “Getting comfortable with discomfort: (re)awakening to the value proposition of Indigenous ways of knowing and being in investment and impact measurement”. Panellists explored how, as impact investing shifts toward building inclusive economies, gender-lens investing and decolonizing wealth, we transform Indigenous investment and impact measurement globally.

We discussed our diverse and shared approaches to “re-writing and re-righting” the narrative for understanding, measuring and reporting on impact within an Indigenous context. Our core focus was on what “return on investment” means within Indigenous worldviews and impact measurement methodologies.

Our core goal for the session was for non-Indigenous investors to start to feel comfortable in stepping back and empowering Indigenous Peoples to measure impact. This must be done through self-determined approaches that are rooted in Indigenous Worldviews and methodologies.

Our approach provided a platform where participants were encouraged to reflect on their Worldviews and Values. They were called to assess how well they are supporting Indigenous Peoples in transforming the impact measurement narrative and achieving our self-determined future vision. Additionally, to commit to concrete actions as part of their journey in moving toward social impact, gender-lens investing and measuring success using alternative ways of knowing and being.

Over 60 participants attended this session- making it the session most engaged with in the conference. People participated from across the globe- including Canada, United States and Australia. Rhys Paddick, a First Nations graphic facilitator was able to capture the content from the session (above) and a take-away information sheet was also distributed. These resources are supplied here for others to also share and learn.

Blak Impact look forward to further thought leadership and consideration of this topic.