The NCIE was once again proud to host part of the Redfern Harmony Nines tournament, now in its fifth consecutive year. The competition brings the community together to celebrate the diversity and pride in the game.

Featuring twelve Under 18s teams across four pools in a round-robin format with knock-out stages and a final, the tournament is now in its fifth year and continues to go from strength to strength.

Pool game at the NCIE
Pool game at the NCIE:

NRL Chief Operating Officer Suzanne Young said it’s a terrific showcase of the cultural diversity in Rugby League with teams representing Indigenous Australians, Malta, Africa, Fiji, Cook Islands, Latin America, Italy, Samoa, Maori and the Mediterranean.  See Yibby’s story of participating in the event.

“The event highlights the multicultural engagement in our game and the way Rugby League helps to promote a greater message of social cohesion by bringing diverse communities together and celebrating each other’s skills and culture,” she said.

The NRL runs the event in partnership with NSWRL, the NCIE and Australian Technology Park.

As well as the action on the field the Redfern Harmony Nines is very much a community event with plenty of activity to entertain the family including cultural performances from participating teams, music, food and sports clinics.

South Sydney Indigenous winners in 2015
South Sydney Indigenous, the winners in 2015:

Congratulations to South Sydney Indigenous who are the 2015 champions, winning two consecutive tournaments. IndigenousX!

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