The IDX Flint team travelled west to Yawuru Country in April 2017 to deliver a series of digital making workshops with the team at Goolarri Media Enterprises and students at Cable Beach Primary School.

The visit to Broome was the first trip to Western Australia for the IDX team.

IDX Flint Manager Grant Cameron said the team were excited to travel to Yawuru Country to ignite the interest and talent of local youth in using and making digital technology.

“The idea around the program is to offer kids in regional areas access to new and emerging technologies to make them more confident; it’s really the fundamentals and quite fun,” he said.

“There’s a whole range of things that are hidden away in there that they don’t realise is happening at the time because it’s so engaging.”

Cable Beach Primary School students in years 5 and 6 put their robotics skills to the test in a series of hands-on workshops held at the school.

The training included using drones at Riddell Beach and gave participants a look at future career opportunities.

IDX Flint in Broome, WA

Check out some deadly drone footage from our time in Broome WA.

Posted by Indigenous Digital Excellence on Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Video: IDX Flint Manager Grant Cameron operates a drone over Riddell Beach, WA in the drone workshop with the IDX Flint program.

Through the program Goolarri Media Enterprises  have received $10,000 worth of kit to continue to work with and inspire the next generation of Indigenous digital makers.