Too often we attack ourselves when it comes to health and fitness. Now it’s time to attack back! We’ve got your back with our Body Attack classes every week at our fitness centre. Here are 5 reasons why you need to try our Body Attack class.

Follow the beat – The music plays a BIG part in our Body Attack classes, motivating you to keep up the pace and push that little bit harder. In simple terms Body Attack is high impact aerobics set to music. Think Jane Fonda, but without the sweatbands and leg warmers. Each track has a different exercise focus to challenge your cardio fitness and stamina. A fun way to get fit!

All over body workout  – Body Attack is designed to build strength and stamina. 45 mins might seem like a long workout, but there are tracks to give you time to bring the heart rate down and recover before jumping into a high intensity track. There is also a lot of focus on shoulders, chest, triceps and core conditioning work for toning and shaping the upper body.

It’s open to all – Body Attack is safe to do for all ages and fitness levels. Just because it has the word attack in the title, doesn’t mean it’s going to be hard on your body. There are low impact options for nearly every move. As you build up your fitness you’ll find you can start to do more and more of the high impact options. 45mins will feel like 15mins.

You’ve earnt it – In a 45 min class you will burn an average of 551 calories, so you can happily say you’ve earnt a TimTam or two!  (nb:  one Tim Tam equates to 115 calories).

We’ve got your back – Let’s be honest, if you’ve never tried Body Attack, there are going to be moments when you’ll just feel uncoordinated, but with time and support from our skilled instructors you will have moves like the Speedskater and Superman nailed in no time! It’s all part of the fun!