The board and the entire team at The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence would like to express our deepest sympathies to Gavin’s loving partner, Tony Pavlakis, to the Jones and de Vries families for the loss of a wonderful man and Indigenous trail blazer, Gavin Jones.

Gavin was a truly respected leader who touched the lives of many of our team at the NCIE. He was a mentor, an inspiration and a pioneer in media, the arts and entertainment. Through his extensive work with the Vibe Group, creating the Deadly Awards and media outlets and events including Deadly SoundsDeadly Vibe, the 3 on 3 Basketball and Hip Hop tours, Move it Mob Style, Living Strong and InVibe Gavin was one of the first people to showcase Indigenous excellence on a national scale and have the concept celebrated by the nation.

Through his work he inspired excellence in our community and told our young people they could be and achieve anything to which they set their mind. Gavin showed them stories of our mob achieving great things in all walks of life, showing them that through hard work and determination, they could achieve it too.

Gavin, with his skills, talent and gift of a wonderful and charming personality, was able to give a voice to the often voiceless and share the stories of our mob that need telling.

For that, and countless other things he has given to our Centre and the individuals that run it, we are thankful. We feel blessed to have known such a gracious and humble man with a generous soul.

We have lost a leader, but feel certain his legacy in Indigenous Excellence will live on.