1. My name is:

Radical Son

  1. I’m from:

Western Sydney though I’m currently based on the NSW Central Coast

  1. I am a:

singer/ songwriter and family man with Kamilaroi and Tongan roots 

  1. To chillout I:

spend time with my family, or with a digital screen where I can check out movies, YouTube channels 
and the latest games I’m addicted to (or Skypeing with the family if I’m on the road) 

  1. I’m reading:

Art of War by Sun Tzu

  1. I’m drinking:

Green smoothies 

  1. I’m eating:

all the wrong stuff

  1. The thing I do best is:

probably in my live performance, when I’m emotionally connecting to my work and its message and the audience

  1. When I’m in a bad mood I:

don’t so much listen to other music but instead you’ll find me venting, singing new negative songs that never see the light of day

  1. When I’m in a gallery I’m most likely drawn to:

the comfortable furniture until it’s time to leave 

  1. The piece of technology that has most shaped my life is:

my smartphone – it keeps me connected and entertained and on top of my business

  1. I find inspiration in:

humanity and nature and how the closer you look everything seems to be connected

  1. The last app I downloaded was:

a virtual piano keyboard so I could hone my music theory 

  1. The last website I visited was:


  1. My favourite film is:


  1. My favourite play I’ve seen was:

a Huckleberry Finn adaptation called ‘Big River’

  1. My favourite place is:

Home; I’m always homesick when I’m away. That being said I feel a special connection to the Blue Mountains 

  1. You can find me:

in the kids section of a bookshop

  1. The first thing I read in the morning is:

my emails

  1. I wish I was:

a comedian

  1. For me, Indigenous Excellence means:

living self-determination with respect and pride