Now you can try a group fitness class anytime with video virtual fitness classes at NCIE Fitness.

You’re busy and it’s easy.

Choose from hundreds of virtual fitness classes on our new Wexer system which is set up in the Group Fitness Zone upstairs.

Go from cardio to yoga to strength to…. anything you can think of!

Whether you’re looking for an intense workout, or something new, there’s something for everyone.

Check out the virtual fitness class timetable on the Fitness Classes page for pre-scheduled popular classes like Stretching, Yoga and Body Pump, OR schedule your own class anytime the Group Fitness Zone is free.

Where: Group Fitness Zone (upstairs)

When: Whenever the room is not being used by the scheduled instructor classes (Pilates, Yoga etc.).

If you need any help setting up, the NCIE Fitness team are here for support.

Check out this video of some of our team and members trying out a class for themselves.

See you in the gym soon!