The Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX) Initiative was co-founded and designed by the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) and the Telstra Foundation in 2013 to unlock digital world opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

What is IDX?

Across Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are combining the sophistication of traditional knowledge with breakthrough 21st century technology to strengthen connection to culture and improve wellbeing.

We are excited by what can happen when the ideas, perspectives and talent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are channelled towards making and embracing new technology; from robotics and 3D printing; to using drones to capture imagery of country, coding and developing apps to preserve language and culture for future generations.

The IDX Initiative seeks to inspire, build and connect the next generation of Indigenous entrepreneurs and digital makers through sustainable community led programs and collaborations.

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A Roadmap for Building Indigenous Digital Excellence: Looking to 2030 guides the future of IDX.

The Roadmap is the first strategy developed for driving Indigenous Digital Excellence and is the result of three years of consultation, experimentation and learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander digital makers, organisations and communities.

The IDX roadmap is sector-wide rather than organisational specific. It identifies what we – as a nation, community and ecosystem – need to focus on to increase Indigenous digital participation. Download a copy of the roadmap here.

Flint Program

IDX Flint is a national program for regional and remote communities that sparks the interest, ideas and talent of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in making digital technology.

A key part of IDX Flint is the program’s specialised tech training for local facilitators, enabling them to deliver digital workshops and build new skills in local educators and leaders. The Flint workshops provide opportunities for both Indigenous young people and the facilitators to explore digital technology—using tools like drones, robotics, 3D printing and virtual reality—creating learning experiences that deepen pride in, and connection to, culture.

Each Flint workshop provides $15,000 of in-kind support from the IDX Initiative for regional and remote communities through two days of hands on workshops for young people, two days of skills development for local facilitators, and a tailored kit of equipment and educational resources to the value of $10,000.


Flint Footprint

Flint Digital Tech Workshop Locations

Celebrating IDX

The National IDX Awards recognise and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples demonstrating digital excellence and innovation in remote, rural and urban communities across Australia.


The first of their kind in Australia, the inaugural IDX awards were held in 2017 and culminated in a gala event at the NCIE in Sydney on 29 September 2017. Fourteen finalists across seven categories, including Digital Elder of the Year and Young Innovator of the Year, were recognised on the night for their work.