Warm up this winter at NCIE Fitness!

The temperature of our heated undercover pool is an inviting 32.5 degrees which means you can keep swimming all year round.

Aqua exercise is excellent for all ages and fitness levels, and uses nearly every muscle in your body!

Here’s eight reasons to get in the swim this winter!

1. Boost mood and reduce stress

Swimming like all exercise releases endorphins in your brain. These are feel-good hormones giving you a sense of positivity and can make you feel happier. You can’t get enough of that when the colder weather kicks in.

2. Keep fit

Swimming keeps you heart rate up, builds cardio fitness, burns calories and develops endurance…and all while you’re cruising up and down the pool. What more could you want?

3. Ultimate low impact exercise

Swimming is an ideal activity to work on stiff, cold muscles and sore joints, while stretching and strengthening your body.

4. Great group fitness classes

NCIE’s Aqua Fins, Aqua Fit, Swim Fit, and Young At Heart classes are inclusive, fun and social and run all year round.

5. Keep up your skills and knowledge

If you’re still learning how to swim, or part of a squad or group it’s important to keep your skills up. Water confidence and safety all year round is vital for saving lives. NCIE’s learn to swim program is one of the most successful and celebrated swim schools in the area.

6. Great for muscle recovery

Warm down your muscles after a hard gym workout or break up your training plan with a recovery session in the pool.

7. Be a part of a community

NCIE Fitness is a friendly active community. With inclusive group classes and a great café for post swimming hot chocolates and coffees, you’ll always feel welcome.

NCIE is a not for profit social enterprise so you can dive in knowing your support and membership is a direct investment in the employment health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Check out more info on swimming at NCIE here.