1. My name is:

Kirstie Parker

2. I’m from:

The Lamb family around Goodooga (NSW) and St George (Qld), as well as my Dad’s family overseas.

3. I am a: 

Yuwallarai woman

4. To chillout, I:

Cook – pretty much everything and anything except seafood because I’m what some of my friends cheekily call a ‘scrub turkey’– and read. And I’m starting to appreciate the beauty of a hard drive loaded with my favourite shows.

5. I’m reading:

In books, crime fiction especially but anything good – one of my favourite authors is Wally Lamb (no relation). Also, the Koori Mail, online news sites and women’s mags.

6. I’m drinking:

Water and (too much) coffee

7. I’m eating:

Healthier than I have in the past but I want to keep improving now that I’m at NCIE, an environment that really emphasises good health.

8. The thing I do best is:

Switch off at night. Maybe it’s just exhaustion but I never lay awake at night.

9. When I’m in a bad mood I:

Try to shake it off as soon as I can. Life’s too short and I have a lot to be thankful for.

10. When I’m in a gallery I’m:

Reading the labels and the catalogue for the artist’s stories

11. The piece of technology that has most shaped my life is:

Apple devices of all persuasions but especially my iPhone

12. I find inspiration in:

Kindness, courage and dignity…all of which our mob have in spades.

13. The last app I downloaded was:

Australian Time Zones (for Daylight Savings)

14. The last website I visited was:

ABC Online

15. My favourite film is:

Fried Green Tomatoes

16. My favourite place is:

My house mostly but essentially anywhere that my beautiful partner and very naughty cat can be found.

17. My favourite play is:

Pool (as in, eight ball). I’m not saying I’m unbeatable but when I’m on fire…

18. You can find me on the weekend:

Pottering around home

19. The first thing I read in the morning is:

Facebook, Mystic Medusa horoscopes and news.com.au

20. I wish I was not:

Restricted to just 24 hours in a day

21. For me, Indigenous Excellence means:

Having the courage and drive to realise all of our massive potential, not wasting one iota.