The first Transformation Challenge of 2019 has wrapped up, with NCIE Fitness members undergoing 6 weeks of goal-setting, training, and dedication to their health.

The challenge involved a weekly Saturday morning challenge-only group fitness class, which created a friendly, supportive community. Participants said they loved “the really supportive group of people” and that they “appreciated working out in a group on Saturdays because it helped with motivation and staying focused”. On top of the Saturday classes, participants turned up to a range of other classes, and worked within their challenge groups to stay on top of their goals. Each group was led by an NCIE Personal Trainer who was there to offer support and advice.

At the start of the challenge, each participant had the chance to complete an InBody scan, which measured overall weight, muscle mass, body fat percentage and more. This was combined with a nutrition seminar that gave solid advice about how to develop a balanced diet to compliment an active lifestyle. At the end of the 6 weeks, the final InBody scans revealed some pretty amazing before and after results:

  • A group total of 30kg bodyweight lost
  • Muscle mass increase of 9kg
  • Decrease of body fat percentage by 34.5%

In the final Saturday morning training session, Health & Fitness Coordinator, Alan Gregory acknowledged a few participants who had achieved some particularly excellent results.

Special shout outs to Louise, Brook and Clodagh who were stand-out performers throughout the challenge. Alan congratulated the three on putting in serious effort to coming to classes several times a week, and the results spoke for themselves, with improvements in strength and decreases in percentage body fat.

Health & Fitness Coordinator Alan Gregory with Transformation Challenge star Brook

“When you take into account how much these three were turning up, the results make a lot of sense”, said Alan.

NCIE Personal Trainer Dana Kopp was really impressed with what she saw throughout the challenge, saying “it was great to see my group asking for advice, sharing recipes and motivating each other.”

Consistency was the key piece of advice from the NCIE team, with PT Monisha Prakash telling everyone: “these challenges are about building habits. The before and after numbers are important, but making positive and ongoing changes to your lifestyle is the most important thing.”

The entire group demonstrated the increases in strength, fitness, energy and overall health that come from integrating consistent healthy eating and exercise into their daily lives. Well done to everyone who participated!

Transformation Challenges are offered to NCIE Fitness members. Want to become a member? Check out membership info here.

The next Transformation Challenge begins on Wednesday 15 May. Find out more here.