The weather might be cooling down, but things are heating up at the NCIE pool. From Monday 25th May the temperature in the pool will increase by 2 degrees to a comfortable 30 degrees. We had a quick chat poolside with Aquatics Programs Coordinator Tim Murray, about why you should get wet this winter.

Turning up the heat during the winter months allows our members to enjoy the benefits of swimming throughout the winter months. Here are a few reasons why you should mix up your fitness routine and try swimming this winter.

Low Impact – Swimming is a low impact exercise that helps strengthen all muscles. It allows you to build strength in your muscles while not putting too much stress on your joints.  This makes swimming a great exercise that can be done by everyone no matter what shape or size you are.

A complete exercise – Swimming works the whole body as you are constantly using your whole body to propel yourself through the water. The core muscles are working all the time to keep you balanced and efficient in the pool.

Increased flexibility – Swimming puts your body through a range of movements especially if you mix up the types of strokes you do., it helps your body stay long and flexible while building lean muscle.

Increased Lung Capacity – Regular intense swimming is a great aerobic activity that can help you to increase your lung’s capacity to deliver more oxygen to your body.

Burn More Calories – One hour of swimming can burn up to 500 calories. Thanks to the great workout it gives your whole body, 30 minutes of moderately paced swimming can be the equivalent of 45-60 minutes of land based exercise.

TIM’S TOP TIP – Don’t forget to keep hydrated!  It’s easy to forget to drink water in the cooler months. Have your water bottle in easy reach while using the pool and re-hydrate just as you would if you were training outside the pool.

We are here for you all year round find out more about our learn to swim programs here.