Malabar Midwives muscle up at the NCIE

Twice a week at the top gym at NCIE Fitness, you’ll see bubs kicking back in prams parked among the kettlebells, weights, exercise machines and punching bags while Mums sweat it out with their training group.

The training group is part of the Malabar Community Midwifery Link Service that gets Aboriginal women exercising together after they’ve had a baby.

Known as the Malabar Midwives, the program helps keep the women healthy and connected to help combat isolation and post-natal depression.

Trudy Allende, the Aboriginal Health Education Officer for the group, works with the mums and bubs in pre and post-natal support, assistance with appointments, dealing with FACS, and with general health education and promotion.

She also trains each week with the group.

As a long-time member of NCIE Fitness it was an easy decision for her to land on where the group would get the best training.

“Being Aboriginal, it’s my comfort zone at the NCIE gym. There’s no intimidation, you don’t feel like you have to look a certain way to come into the gym, which is awesome.

“And Hammy (trainer, Hamilton Hughes) knows how to work with all the different levels of women we have in the group; some really fit women, some that are just coming back, and women who have had babies six or seven years ago and have never done anything.”

Malabar Midwives is based at the Royal Hospital for Women is in Randwick, Sydney and the program is dependent on external funding and donations to continue.

“This lot of funding was provided by South Sydney Juniors and it’ll keep us going through the next few school terms but I’m always doing what I can to keep this program going,” said Trudy.

“The program really makes a difference.

“We have had women who have been isolated or who have had post-natal depression, just getting together laughing, having fun and exercising. I mean nothing is better for your mind then having a good run around with your friends.

“We are working hard but at the same time it’s fun, it’s about atmosphere of women getting together and empowering each other.”