Meet Georgia & Hayden - #NCIE12Weeks

At NCIE Fitness we’re bringing in Spring with a bang, with our first ever 12 Week Transformation Challenge.

NCIE Personal Trainers are teaming up with dedicated NCIE Fitness members for 12 weeks of goal specific, results based training to reach their health, lifestyle and fitness goals.

Maximum commitment for maximum benefit.

Over the next three months, we'll track each member and trainer’s journey as they work through the challenge and you too can join us.

Follow along on our Instagram & NCIE Fitness Facebook page, or use the hashtag #NCIE12Weeks  to join in the action.

Georgia (Challenger)

Age: 24
Lives in: Redfern

What are your fitness goals?
- Run 10km
- Complete 1x pull up (unassisted)
- Lose 5kg
- Change my fitness & life style routines

What are your personal goals?
- Compete a Tough Mudder in 2018
- Be ready for a wedding at the end of October

What are you most scared of?
- Functioning at work the next day because my sore muscles!

What is your fitness expierience?
- I have been attending NCIE Fitness for the past 3 months
- 3-4 sessions a week on average



PT for: Two years
Instagram: @janeshayden

What training regine do you havefor Georgia?
- 1x PT session per week, with a structured program for the next 7 days
- Pull ups & running
- Upper body and lower body combos
- Basic strength based program

What will the weekly program look like?
- 45 minute exercise intensives
- Flexibility of times and workouts based around how Georgia is feeling
- Georgia to facilitate her nutrition program

What are the common mistakes people make when starting to exercise?
- Too much at the start
- Training too hard, too quickly
- Using too muchadrenaline and feeling burnt out