Meet Mel& Sam - #NCIE12Weeks

At NCIE Fitness we’re bringing in Spring with a bang, with our first ever 12 Week Transformation Challenge.

NCIE Personal Trainers are teaming up with dedicated NCIE Fitness members for 12 weeks of goal specific, results based training to reach their health, lifestyle and fitness goals.

Maximum commitment for maximum benefit.

Over the next three months, we'll track each member and trainer’s journey as they work through the challenge and you too can join us.

Follow along on our Instagram & NCIE Fitness Facebook page, or use the hashtag #NCIE12Weeks  to join in the action.


What are your fitness goals?
- Build my general fitness
- Loose some weight
- Gain muscle and strength
- Improve my self esteem

What are you most scared of?
- Not completeing the challenge!

What is your fitness experience? - About 5 years ago I did some power lifting
- 30 minute walks most days


Instagram: @chocmissla

Describe the training program you have in mind for Sam?
- Endurance based - building from weights, strength training and cardio
- We're all about building a solid foundation for muscle growth!
- High reps and low weights to begin with for the first month
- Moving to lower reps and higher weight to build muscle

What weekly exercise plan do have for him?
- 30 minute walk per day
- Endurance strength and cardio program
- Working on choosing healthy options and using My Fitness Pal to track eating habits

What common mistakes do people make when they start to train to get fit?
Diet is key!
Too much alcohol
Expecting too much too soon